2018 is history and once again it’s time to take a look at the statistics to see trends for the real estate market and how buyers, sellers and agents interact with it.

Where Buyers Found the Home They Purchased

  • The trend of digital marketing continues with 50% of buyers finding the home they purchased online.
Internet Marketing 50%
Real Estate Agent 28%
Yard Sign 7%
Friend, Relative or Neighbor 7%
Home Builder 5%
FSBO Seller 3%
Print Newspaper Ads 1%
Open Houses, Prospecting, Traditional Marketing, Magazine, etc. 1%

Method of Home Purchase (Southern Region)

  • The overwhelming majority of buyers (87%) purchase their home through a real estate agent or broker.
Through a Real Estate Agent or Broker 87%
Directly from Builder 8%
From Familiar Owner 3%
From Unfamiliar Owner 2%

Selling Price (Agent-Assisted vs. FSBO)

  • For Sale by Owner Sales continue to decline, with For Sale by Owner homes selling 27.92% lower than agent-assisted homes.
  • Agent-Assisted
  • For Sale by Owner

Methods Real Estate Agents Used to Market Homes

  • Unfortunately, real estate agents continue to underutilize internet marketing, which is where most buyers found the home they purchased.
MLS 90%
Yard Sign 66%
Open House 53%
Realtor.com 52%
Real Estate Agent Website 50%
Third Party Aggregators 47%
Real Estate Company Website 45%
Social Networks 20%
Video 10%
Direct Mail 10%
Print Newspaper Ads 7%
Internet Marketing (Classified Ads) 7%
Other Websites 6%
Real Estate Magazin 6%
Real Estate Magazine Website 5%
Video Hosting Websites 2%
Television 1%
Other 3%

Source: NAR 2018 Profile of Home buyers and Sellers